How to talk to an Entrepreneur

I’ve heard people liken the entrepreneurial path to “success” to a rollercoaster, but if that’s the case then this rollercoaster goes underground and into some hella dark tunnels, and it feels like there is a lot more time spent screaming in freefall or plunged into darkness than any ups and lofty views!

The ups are also way more fun than the downs.

So. Other than the fact that the ride might make you nauseous and doesn’t feel safe AT ALL, entrepreneurship is in fact nothing like a rollercoaster. And if it is then it is one that many many people have got on before you, but only 5% get off successfully at the end.

So… up for the ride?.

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A chatty guideline on how to communicate with your distressed and broke, overly caffeinated entrepreneurial friends.

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Jayne Moore