I don’t know how to be brief, or edit a human history into a compact and eloquent paragraph, so I haven’t tried to.

Perhaps it is the model me that has lead you here? I have been a model for a short lifetime and am represented by the incredible IMG worldwide.

I have had the pride and privilege of shooting with the likes of many industry greats, including Pamela Hanson, Annie Leibovitz, Bruce Webber and Alexi Lubirmoski to name but a few, and brands like Abercrombie, Garnier, Calvin Klein, Macy’s, Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Maybelline all but to brag… It’s a version of myself I love to step in to, a character I bring to life, a side of myself I still aspire to be… she’s the fun one, she’s the hot one, she’s the one with a smokey eye and naughty smile…. but it also feels like an alternate personality, and research for the other woman, the one behind the scenes.

A “model” is a title that carries its own thesaurus of assumptions, ideas, labels and identities, theories and stereo types. And I don’t think any of them have ever fit. In someway it robbed me of anything I was sure of - my smarts, my grades, my abilities on paper. BUT it was a golden ticket to another life, it was a chance, an opportunity and an escape. It was and still is a gift. I was given and an off-book education, a plane ticket, a visa and the key to a world I didn’t belong in but was destined to see, and now - in my thirties - with all the wisdom of perspective, I see it as exactly that, and am coming full circle to finding confidence once again with my pen on paper - but now with my eyes wider open, and my heart a roughed up version of the same. 

I am an artist. I have painted for as long as I have stood up and my walls are lined and my studio littered with my canvases, large and demanding. My canvas is where I think aloud, in color and in texture, and I do it absolutely and entirely for myself. 

I am a Jeweler, a registered goldsmith of London and the creator and founder of my firstborn baby, Thorn of an English Rose

It’s fine Jewelry, but rebellious and unconventional, with everything handmade by myself and my small team here in NYC, using recycled and refined metals and conflict free certified diamonds, favoring the imperfect and absolutely extraordinary. 

I love beautiful things with a raw and defiant edge that give an elegant middle finger to convention and status quo. I love flaws, carbon smoke and evidence of a journey…

And now you meet my passion. 

To paint a picture in letters, to attempt to share an understanding…. a feeling, an intimacy, the pain, the passion, the vulnerability and absolute beauty of our messy, mortal and monumental human condition. 

So humor me, and walk with me, over text, and in to paragraph, as I show you the depths of my deep, dark, textural, technicolored, prism fractured, wine stained, complicated, erotic, cruel, kind, funny and tender hearted mind. 

Come on in.