real talk with jm 

Admittedly, and ironically, Jayne admits to being somewhat camera shy when "off camera" - meaning not performing in her role of 'model' - preferring to be out of the spot light, and loving the intimacies of her private life. Shying from the media attention and any kind of press, one blogger made a comment that if Jayne Moore turned out to be a British spy he would not be at all surprised, as finding anything about her is near impossible, and to this she can't help but laugh. But now and again the girl emerges, and here we get a glimpse of the mind behind the model.

Jayne Moore backstage with Didier Gault

Jayne Moore talks with photographer Micheal Sanders and the B&H Photo Podcast team about the "Human Dance" of chemistry and collaboration between a photographer and model on and off set. The dynamics of meeting a photographer for the first time, and how to own your own presence on set, adapt to the vision of the client, and when to stand your ground. 

Jayne Moore at IMG talks about her Life Story and career in modeling with photographer Micheal Sanders, as part of his "Go-see series", exploring the private lives behind the faces we see, and the stories behind the real people that grace our billboards and screens.